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Whether change comes by choice or by chance, Brenda Rhodes understands the challenges, frustrations, and stress that can happen as a result. She actively engages with her audience and delivers insightful presentations. She continuously explores the broader lessons of her own life-changing experiences – inspiring and motivating audiences to do the same.

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Coming Soon: Personal Development Workshops

Join women facing similar challenges. Meet as a group to lean on and learn from each other. Overcome setbacks and limiting beliefs that keep you from achieving your goals and reaching new heights.

An experienced facilitator will help guide the group and keep the conversation going. You will learn how to better manage your transition experiences, overcome setbacks and redefine your outlook on life.

Change Is Like Potty Training: Making Life Change Less Scary!

The proper perspective provides the insight we all need to successfully navigate difficult life changing circumstances. When given the advantage of a “bird’s eye view” it becomes easier to identify obstacles, visualize possible solutions, and achieve desired goals.

Unexpected Places: Strategies to Survive The Storms of Life

This presentation encourages audiences to recognize how their "natural" responses can seriously hinder their ability to progress beyond their change experience. This message focuses on strategies to overcome negative emotions, how to live free of regret and make positive life choices for the future.

What Customers Are Saying

“I want to express my deepest gratitude for all the gifts you have given me to walk forward in life with confidence, peace, and joy. The wisdom and knowledge you have passed on was invaluable to me!”


"Brenda was very thorough, generous with her time and patient. She asked really thought-provoking questions. I enjoyed working with her and would do so again."