Hello, I'm Brenda

I have faced many of the challenges you may be experiencing today...divorce, job loss, the death of someone I loved deeply. And, over the  years, I have worked with many people who have also experienced traumatic life changes.

Whether you are in transition due to separation, divorce, job loss, the illness or death of a loved one, or recovering from the trauma of domestic violence, you have it in you to move Beyond Change.

As a certified speaker, personal development coach, trainer and advocate I understand how traumatic change affects
the emotional, psychological and physical arenas of life, and how to approach life change from
a unique and healthy perspective. 

I have the gift of empathy, the motivation and the ability to “meet you where you are" in your journey. 


My company exists to inspire individuals and their

families to achieve more - Spiritually, Emotionally,

Physically, Professionally, Economically and Relationally.